Stampix wins best
Photo Marketing Platform
of the Year 2020

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The role of marketing technology has taken the world by storm in the last few years, with new techniques being pioneered to sell new brands to new markets. The team at Stampix have embraced new techniques and applied them to an old-school product, printed photographs. It has allowed them to work with some major international brands, bringing them an enviable degree of success. We profiled the firm to find out more about what they have to offer.

MarTech, the blending of marketing and technology, has been a part of the media world for many years. Anyone working in digital marketing works with MarTech, and the team at Stampix have made their business explore new areas of opportunity for this fledgling sector.

What the team at Stampix have done is connect digital photography with digital marketing. With so many people taking pictures on their smartphones to treasure and cherish, Stampix is a start-up especially designed to print these much-loved images and deliver them to your front door, entirely free. This process has been made possible thanks to a network of brands and companies who print their messages on the reverse of photos.

Established in 2016, the founders are third-generation in photo printing from Belgium and looking to explore new and exciting markets. With such a strong pedigree behind them on the photo printing side, it’s a little wonder that the firm has had to focus on the B2B side of its business model and discovered its product-market fit with the Loyalty & Engagement Industry. The last four years have proven that the Stampix platform is not only reliable but effortlessly flexible when comes to meeting the needs of global brands and the demands of personalised rewards.

With a seamless customer experience, Stampix allows brands to engage new audiences and inspire customers through printing tailored messages on their photographs. Stampix specialises in end-to-end delivery from microsite hosting to data capture, printing, shipment & customer care for millions of photos – those photos become tangible & emotional brand experiences for customers.

Stampix has already gained a high reputation, working alongside such impressive names as Orange, EDF Energy, Martini and Disney. One of the more recent campaigns that the Stampix team executed was for Unilever’s baby care brand, Zwtisal, during the COVID-19 pandemic. With an 85% newsletter subscription rate, the branded photos referenced a ‘gift’ from the sender, allowing the audience to complement one of Zwitsal’s key pillars to achieve purposeful communication and be emotionally connected by memories. Read the full case here.

The work that Stampix does ensures that these businesses can organically reach new audiences while creating an emotional connection with the brand. Instead of acting as a hard sell, the branded contents are a part and parcel of a process that makes people happy. There is an average participation rate of 70%, with the low cost outweighing the perceived value of the photoprints considerably. The goal for Stampix has always been to create a frictionless customer experience that is fast, fun & free for the end consumer. The company has therefore invested strongly in technology and artificial intelligence.

While customers are the lifeblood of the business, it’s vital to keep brands enthused about Stampix too. A dedicated account manager handles every campaign and ensures that they are operating the way that they should be. Reporting is done in a timely fashion to assuage any concerns that a client might have. To visualise the benefits that Stampix can bring more clearly, the team is working on a client dashboard, where all KPIs will be available in real-time.

While recognised for their achievements in this year’s Media Innovator Awards, the team at Stampix see the world of marketing as one in which emotion leads, not technological progress. Instead of being guided by emerging trends in the industry, the company has turned towards what consumers demand, and how this could impact loyalty tech, direct mail and printing technology.

Nowhere is this casual, customer-focused approach clearer than in the culture of the firm, one which draws on youth and dynamism to achieve success. Stampix is a platform built on the hard work of intelligent people, who want to make a difference in people’s lives. The integrity of the brand is paramount to its continued success, and this has meant that the team works closely together to ensure a consistent approach across every aspect of the firm.

Looking ahead, the team have ambitions that will see their reach spread even further. With a crop of existing clients in Benelux, the firm has recently
signed a deal with a major UK brand that will allow them to make the jump into the exciting new market. The nature of Stampix’s business model is such that can easily be scaled to suit the demands of local markets.

The nature of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed how marketers see the role of marketing. In times such as these, the need to reach out to customers in an emotive way has been key to the substantial growth of the firm. From every challenge comes an opportunity, and the team at Stampix have proven themselves more than capable of quickly adapting.

It’s the ability to adapt and change, to dive forward with an approach that puts people first, that has enabled the team at Stampix to move quickly into a new marketplace with different neds. While still a young company, the agility o the team has allowed it to achieve incredible success.


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