Billions of photos are taken daily and shared through social media. People are taking pictures of just about anything, many are snapshots, but thanks to smartphone cameras which are getting better every day, there is a vast amount of photos that are shot in very high quality. Add the rise of latest generation digital printing machines to the equation and you have an amazing opportunity to turn these images into beautiful photo prints.


From doing business with our clients we observe many brands struggle to stand out in digital marketing, striving for authenticity through influencers and user generated content. At Stampix, our mission is to turn peoples’ best photos into free prints, allowing brands to be present around precious moments and deliver a welcome message. Advanced vision technology and Stampix data clustering allows us to select specific moments and segment user profiles to match brand identities. We deliver contextual ads in print. The Stampix platform shows you how easy it is to tap into the potential of those billions of photos, whether you’re a:
• Brand Manager: You can use our service for different purpose. Either deliver a personalised gift for existing customers (loyalty) or to attract new leads (CRM). Go to our customer page and get inspired by campaigns we did for L’Oréal, Disney, Campina, Bambix…
• Social Influencer: If you’re popular on social media platforms and inspire followers with your pictures, the Stampix platform is just right for you. We acknowledge that influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach target audiences and generate effective reach through printed photos. Drop us a line!
• Creative agency: looking for an original solution for your next digital activation? Take a look at our branded web app solution, which is licensed as a Self-service and API. The interface can be integrated into your client’s website in just a few steps, and feels like your own web-to-print application. This allows you to fully customise the online experience, as well as the prints. Give it a try yourself and download our app (first free shipment code available in the app).



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