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Key moments for
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Did you know that over 1000 holidays and celebrations happen within a year? If a lightbulb went off in your head we know exactly what you’re thinking – this means there are over 1000 opportunities to launch some pretty awesome marketing campaigns.

And we’re not just talking about the grand events like New Year’s or the holiday seasons. We’re also referring to the fun holidays like International love your pet day and the more personal celebration like company anniversaries and product launches. All in all, every celebration is a chance to make your customers smile, laugh, reflect and get a little closer to your brand. 

What Makes a Successful Marketing Campaign?

Time and time again we’re all left wondering, how we can make the next marketing campaign the best one yet. From the looks of it, appealing to emotions is the route to take. While random acts of kindness and surprise and delight moments may seem minuscule, these moments show customers that you genuinely care about their lives and values. (Read here about the importance of emotional connections)

This could be as simple as offering a gift with every purchase or creating a platform to allow customers to connect and build a community among one another. You can hit the jackpot when you use emotional marketing to engage with your audience during celebratory moments. 

So how exactly do brands combine emotion-driven marketing with key moments? Below are some great examples to consider.

Coca Cola and Christmas

Believe it or not, “white Christmas” is a foreign concept to many people across the globe, especially those living in tropical areas. But in the spirit of the holidays, Coca Cola brought a white Christmas village to the people of Singapore. Visitors were able to experience snowy weather and witnessed how people in Finland and across the world celebrate the holidays. The campaign brings the warm and cosy feeling that we all feel during Christmas.

Pet Value and International Love Your Pet Day

Through a video campaign, Pet Valu allowed individuals struggling to find love and happiness in their lives to share their stories. In the end, these people shared emotional stories on how their pets became a pillar and a support system in their lives. It’s hard watching the campaign without getting a little teary-eyed.

Samsung and Mother’s Day

Samsung’s marketing campaign on Mother’s day appealed to humour and relatability. In their ad, adults scrolled through various text messages sent from their mothers. Many texts included supportive messages while others included embarrassing attempts of mothers using slang. This is something we can all relate to.

There are so many ways brands can use key moments to develop emotionally driven, creative and successful marketing campaigns. So share your story, connect your customers and include your audience in every celebration there is. That will make for one unforgettable marketing initiative.

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