Stampix & HP agree on partnership and collaboration on a global scale

With sustainability being one of our key strategic goals for 2022 and our ambition to offer carbon-positive campaigns to brands on a global scale by 2024, the selection of the right print partner was paramount for the team at Stampix. Additionally, with campaigns being booked in the Netherlands and the U.K., our Operations Manager has been working on a validation process for print partners while we scale our business internationally, where standardisation plays an important role.

HP Indigo presses are globally recognized as an industry-standard in terms of quality, and quite exceptionally combine this quality with a CO2-neutral print process. Provided that the Stampix operations team can further minimise the impact of its paper, packaging & shipment, it becomes possible to offset each campaign a brand books by the plantation of trees through our partnership WeForest (ngo), for whom we plant new trees every year.

It was with great pleasure the team at Stampix received the news of a formal partnership and the go-ahead from HP’s marketing department to invest in a national Co-Promotion campaign during the summer of 2021, where consumers could print their own photos (see below).