How ICI Paris XL boosted subscriptions on Mother's Day
by printing their customers best #MOMents



CRM Enrichment &
Mother's day Celebration

There was a time when only offering discounts would encourage consumers to subscribe to rewards programs but that time has passed.


In this scenario, ICI Paris XL, a leading perfume chain in the Benelux area, was looking for creative ways to boost subscriptions on their website while celebrating the emotional moment around Mother’s Day.

The goal

ICI Paris XL wanted to boost its website subscriptions by offering
an emotional gift during Mother's Day.



Free Printed Pictures
as a Post Action Gift

To celebrate such an emotional time that is Mother’s day, ICI Paris XL came up with the perfect gift for those who subscribed to their program: their best #MOMents printed for free and delivered to their doorstep, just in time for Mother’s Day dinner.

What better way to surprise your mom than with eternalized memories?


Through a nationwide cross-channel campaign (TV, social media, etc.), ICI Paris XL invited customers to subscribe to their reward program, where afterward the gift of a free prints would follow.

Branded Platform

After subscribing to the program, customers received an email with a link to claim the gift. By clicking it, they were redirected to the IPX branded microsite (hosted by Stampix) to upload their photos, enter shipment details, and opt-in for future comms.

Emotional Connection

A few days later, photos were delivered to the mailbox (or to their mom's mailbox) with their best MOMents printed and including a discount coupon to be used on the website.

ICI_mobile_webapp (1)


The results

+ 0
Photos delivered in 2 weeks
0 K
Discount Coupons Delivered
0 %
Increase in webshop traffic



By offering Stampix Photo Rewards, ICI Paris XL was able to enrich their CRM while connecting with consumers on an emotional level, creating long-term brand affinity and extending the impact of their online efforts beyond the lifespan of a digital campaign.

High engagement rate

By offering the opportunity to print their best MOMents for free, customers are more likely to engage with brand communication.

No data transfer

Stampix acts as a data processor and does not become the owner of the data.

Easily customized features

The platform and messages on the reverse of the pictures can be easily customised to fit different moments & products during the year.

Emotional connection

By rewarding customers with free prints that celebrate the love between mother & child, the feeling towards the brand it's associated with positive memories, increasing emotional connection, which can lead to higher spending and longer retention.


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