How Sunweb brings their slogan
#creatingMemories to life



Engage & Upsell

Since the rise of online booking engines, capturing zero-party data to provide attractive personalised offerings was the primary goal for tour operators and travel agencies from the start. Being able to leverage that data to successfully improve services, support and customer loyalty has meanwhile become a way to differentiate from the competition.

With this in mind, European tour operator Sunweb was looking for ways to engage with customers on key loyalty moments throughout the customer journey, and interact with customers in a non-intrusive way to stimulate bookings for the upcoming season.

The goal

Sunweb wanted to emotionally engage with customers,
maximizing upsell of the right travel packages to returning travelers.



Gift with purchase

Sunweb partnered with Stampix to give those thousands of vacation #memories a place in the real world. Bookers during the 2 main seasons – winter & summer – could print their freshly taken photos for free and receive them at home, or send them to a friend of family member. Leveraging the holiday euphoria to stimulate returning travellers, Sunweb tailored their branding and vacation deals to the upcoming season along with a 50€ discount on the next booking.


After the trip, the customers were activated by e-mail to fill in a survey and reminded that they could print their holiday pictures for free as a gift from Sunweb.

Branded Platform

By clicking on the gift, customers are redirected to the Subweb branded microsite (hosted by Stampix) to upload their photos and enter shipment details.

Upselling and brand building

A few days later, the photos are delivered to the mailbox with a suggestion for next season's vacation on the back of each photo, together with a 50 euros discount voucher. This combines a direct upsell while achieving long term brand building through the photos.

The results

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Opt-in rate
Photo gifts
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Sent as surprise



By including Stampix prints as a gift for travellers, Sunweb was able to eternalize their customers best moments, creating meaningful connections and bringing their #creatingmemories slogan to life.

High engagement rate

By offering a gift with purchase in your brand's comms, customers are more likely to engage.

No data transfer

Stampix acts as a data processor, and does not become the owner of the data.

Easily customized features

The platform and messages on the back of the pictures can be easily changed or customised to fit different moments during the year.


Rewarding 100 or 1mio customers has no impact on our operations & service level.

Happiness feedback
& share module

With the Thank You module displayed in the last step of the customer journey, Sunweb customers were able to leave their feedback and feelings surrounding this gift, proving the success of the campaign.

By choosing to add the Share module to their campaign, Sunweb customers could share codes with family and friends after placing their own order, broadening their reach in a very seamless way.

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